EVC Chemtech



1. Preventive Maintenance of Exhaust System:

  1. Cleaning of kitchen exhaust hood, exhaust filter, tapping duct & light cover using chemical and portable sprayer.
  2. Cleaning of exhaust fans, blower blades, housing and gooseneck type duct.
  3. Reopening of manhole/handhole to clean the inside portion of kitchen exhaust duct.
  4. To provide manhole/handhole to clean the inside portion of the exhaust ductnot accessible by existing manhole/handhole.
  5. Removal of dirt, grime and grease on horizontal/vertical duct including screen filter.
  6. Cover manhole/handhole with G.I. Sheet, gasket and sealant.
  7. Cleaning of the gutter part of the whole kitchen exhaust hood.
  8. Collection of garbage after operation for proper disposal.
  9. Checking of motor and fan belt. Tseting and turn over.
  10. Submission of Service report and inspection report.
  11. Submission of pictures before and after cleaning.
  12. Measurement of air velocity of the blower before and after the cleaning.

2. Burner Maintenance:

  1. General cleaning of Hi-pressure and low pressure burner

3. Fresh air cleaning

4. Others Services:

  1. Repair and/ or installation of fiber insulation
  2. Repair and/ or installation of canvass connector before and after the blower
  3. Repair and/ or installation of screen and filter
  4. Supply and installation of fan belt.


Exhaust Fan


Exhaust Fan